Spring Magic – MotionBuilder版

Spring Magic MotionBuilder 版是一个用于在MB里创建链条动画的脚本,功能与MAYA版的一致,也同样包括碰撞功能。

这个工具不提供免费下载,请查阅 如何获取 Spring Magic in MoBu

适用于 MotionBuilder 2013 及以上



# 2.0
# 增加姿态拟合

# 1.9
# 增加惯性

# 1.8
# 根据时间轴帧率烘焙关键帧

# 1.7
#  修复缺陷:源骨骼有缩放值时,绑定控制器会失效的问题
# 增加“选择所有子物体”按钮

# 1.6
# 修复缺陷:控制器绑定轴向问题

# 1.5
# 增加控制器绑定和烘焙功能
# 调整UI

# 1.4
# 改进拧转
# 增加伸缩
# 增加风力

# 1.3
# 增加张力控制
# 提高碰撞系统性能

# 1.2
# 改进飘带算法以减少抖动
# 计算速度加快约2倍
# 改进碰撞系统

# 1.1
# 增加碰撞系统

# 1.0
# 首个实用版本

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    1. Okay so it was a work network issue.

      Are you still responding to comments for support?

      We just purchased and installed this script in MB2020 to test out for a client, and we are having a problem. The Spring Magic script is adding a strange offset on all bones on frame 1, if the bones are anywhere except 0,0,0. This offset takes about 30 frames to resolve back to the initial position, so we cannot use the Loop function for cycles. We are using a straight chain that was imported from Maya. The results are even stranger if I try to use a chain made in Motionbuilder out of Skeleton Node objects.

      Is there part of the installation process, or some initialization step that we missed?

  1. 对这个工具还不了解,看了介绍非常想购买。只有一个问题, 目前这个MB版本的脚本可以实现两端由自己控制。中间骨骼进行物理计算的功能吗? 就是一段绳索,两端可以K帧和约束,中间的骨骼进行物理计算。

  2. Hi Baiyanbin,
    Is it possible to set up a “spring rig” in maya (where i’ll be doing all my skinning/rigging)
    Then import the character in Mobu, characterize it.
    Then turn on the “Spring rig” I did in Maya.
    Animate my character with the rig.

    Does the Spring rig port from Maya to Mobu ?

    I would like to have that kind of workflow.
    Rig in Maya -> Animate in mobu -> render in Maya.
    Once everything is plotted in Mobu that’s not a problem for me it’s really the spring rig workflow Maya-Mobu.

    I’m really curious/interested by your solution.

    1. Hi Sebastien,

      First of all, Spring Magic in MuBo is not a rigging tool, also not relia on any specific rigging set up.
      Any bone chain which has +X axis towards child bone setup and no constrain limitation, can all been cauculated by Spring Magic in MuBo, caculated result will been recorded as plotted keyframe on skeleton node, that can be export to other software with same result.

      “I would like to have that kind of workflow.
      Rig in Maya -> Animate in mobu -> render in Maya.”
      so it’s totally no problem with Spring Magic in MuBo

      and actually you can just use free Maya version Spring Magic for your pipeline, just do caculation before render in Maya


    1. 没有严重bug的话短期内不会更新,目前主要精力放在了其他的项目上
      如果未来有时间的话,打算会做的一个更新就是把 Max 版本新增的一些功能也整合到 Maya 和 MB 的版本里,比如平面碰撞,骨骼形状和骨骼关联等

      最后,MB 版本是付费版,没有计划要公开源代码

  3. Hi Bai!

    I have one question before I buy Spring Magic for Motion Builder.
    Does it work for Motion Builder 2017?
    If so, is it possible to bake(plot) without problem?

    1. 1. It works for MoBu 2017 with no problem.
      2. The calculation result already be recorded as plotted keyframe, so you don’t really need to plot it again. But if you like, you can plot it as many time as you want, and animation will keep the same.

      1. Thank you Bai!

        Maya version was excellent and you comment was very assuring.
        We purchased the script!
        By the way, do you have any volume discount if we buy more than 10?


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