Spring Magic in MotionBuilder

Spring Magic in MotionBuilder is a script tool that create dynamic bone chain animation in motionbuilder, it has exactly same function with Maya one, with collision for sure.

This one is not for free download, check here: How to get Spring Magic in MoBu

Working with MotionBuilder 2013 and newer

Version History:

# 1.7
# fix bug that bind controller cannot working correctly if source bone has scaling
# add select branch button

# 1.6
# fix bug on bind controller axis

# 1.5
# add bind and bake controller function
# UI adjustment

# 1.4
# improve twist
# add Flex
# add Wind

# 1.3
# improve performance
# add tension

# 1.2
# improve spring algorithm to reduce popping
# performance optimization, about 2 times faster
# improve collision algorithm

# 1.1
# add collision system

# 1.0
# first working version

9 thoughts on “Spring Magic in MotionBuilder”

    1. 没有严重bug的话短期内不会更新,目前主要精力放在了其他的项目上
      如果未来有时间的话,打算会做的一个更新就是把 Max 版本新增的一些功能也整合到 Maya 和 MB 的版本里,比如平面碰撞,骨骼形状和骨骼关联等

      最后,MB 版本是付费版,没有计划要公开源代码

  1. Hi Bai!

    I have one question before I buy Spring Magic for Motion Builder.
    Does it work for Motion Builder 2017?
    If so, is it possible to bake(plot) without problem?

    1. 1. It works for MoBu 2017 with no problem.
      2. The calculation result already be recorded as plotted keyframe, so you don’t really need to plot it again. But if you like, you can plot it as many time as you want, and animation will keep the same.

      1. Thank you Bai!

        Maya version was excellent and you comment was very assuring.
        We purchased the script!
        By the way, do you have any volume discount if we buy more than 10?

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