Spring Magic

Spring Magic for Maya is a script tool that can create bone chain follow through animation.


Create waving, twisting, flexibility effect on bone chain

Create loop animation

Collision supporting

Work with existed animation controller

Wind effect

Latest Version: 3.2

Download SpringMagic 3.2

There is MotionBuilder Version Click Here

Version History


  • fix wind effect cannot set key issue

Tracer Effect in Maya

There is people ask if we can have tracer effect like GhostTrials plugin in 3Ds Max, the awser is YES! We can just use Animation Sweep function in Maya  and got result like here.

Here are steps:

  1. Create a curve and animate it, or parent it with an animate object
  2. Pick Curve and apply “Create Animated Sweep” function, will get a full tracer alone with your motion. Note, the command may place on different menu depends on Maya version.
  3. If we want a short piece trace follow the object movement, you can select “snapshot1Group” node and select “snapshot1” in it’s channel box.
  4. Now you can play with “Start Time” and “End Time” with set keyframe on them!In this example I set 5 frame gap between Start and End, to get a 5 frame length tracer, bigger gap, longer tracer.
  5. Here’s the result

Plus, you can change shape of Curve itself by set keyframe on it’s CV points, to get more interesting effect like this.

Enjoy yourself!


Skin Magic

Skin Magic is a Maya script that mainly focus on process mesh skin weight

Mean Feature:

Assign vertex skin weight with multiple selection mode

Transfer skin weight between vertex and meshes

Re-Skin: re-organize skin weight base on pick bones

Skin Warp: copy weights from closest vertexs


Latest Version: 3.2

Version History:

# 3.2
# – Fix UI issue with Maya 2017 and 2018
# – Fix bug on vertex selection priority

# 3.1
# – improve weight tool UI
# – add relax for weight tool
# – add reskin for weight tool
# – vertex selection has highest priority when tool actived
# – seperate skinTools to spring magic and skin magic

What’s New in SkinMagic 3.1:

Download SkinMagic 3.2