Spring Magic in Maya

Spring Magic for Maya is a script tool that can create dynamic bone chain animation.


Create waving, twisting, flexibility effect on bone chain

Create loop animation

Collision supporting

Work with existed animation controller

Wind effect

Latest Version: 3.2

Download SpringMagic 3.2

There is MotionBuilder Version Click Here

Version History


  • fix wind effect cannot set key issue
  • add warning for risky case, to avoid ” No valid objects supplied to ‘xform’ command” error

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  1. 老师您好 耽误下您的时间。我在使用时有些问题搞不明白 Maya当中 ,空场景中,新建骨骼和碰撞体后可以正确解算,但是我在应用在实例的时候,总是解算失败 ,裙子在走路时一点都不碰撞腿和手,直接穿过(根关节k了),就是一点碰撞都没有,

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