Spring Max

Spring Max is a tool that use to create dynamic bone chain animation in 3Ds Max


  • Waving, twisting and stretch animation on bone chain, can loop animation
  • Bone chain can collision with capsule and plane with it’s shape
  • Apply wind and explosion force onto bone chain


  1. Calculate bone should NOT have duplicate name object in scene, and should NOT have negtive scale value
  2. Cannot undo calculation with Ctrl+Z, but can roll back with tool function, make sure you saved file before calculation.
  3. Only support standard bone object, please use Sprng Magic if you want to apply spring effect on Biped or CAT bone
  4. Developing was mainly working on 3Ds Max 2014, test made on 2012 and 2016 as well, but if you found any version cannot working well, please let me know.



Download Spring Max v1.5


There is Spring Magic in MotionBuilder as well!

Version History:

add Japanese support (Thanks Ken Taguma)
adjust language setting function

fix bug: loop result poping when wind or explosion applied
fix bug: script error when fail to visit update site

add roll back function
shirk misc buttons
fix bug: “Bone On” cause bone display issue
fix bug: keyframe been set out of calculation range
fix bug: error message when first time use connection bone function

Add pose match
Add bone relation
Fix bug that keyframe out of current animation rage missing after calculation
Fix bug that start pose changed when redo same calculation

Add bone shape function to solve skirt collision better

First public version

135 thoughts on “Spring Max”

    1. 有些虚拟体是为了记录原始动画用的,以便可以撤销计算返回原来动画,这些在关闭工具后会被一并清除

    1. 好的我记一下,等我有了 2019 再测试吧
      话说你们真的很热爱拥抱新科技啊,我自己还在用 2014

  1. 白老师您好,我是一名美术艺术家。用过插件感觉很好,唯一美中不足就是碰撞还不够完美,能否基于模型的部分面生成 对应形状的碰撞体 或者直接与面发生碰撞呢(比如屁股与两条大腿的形状),这样应该会减少骨骼进入碰撞体的概率吧,否则手动休整的工作量还是不小的。

    1. 通过适当放大胶囊体和调整计算参数,可以改善碰撞效果
      但如果想要严格的根据模型多边形来计算碰撞,请使用 Max 自带的物理系统

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